Tecman Rock Breaker Solutions

We the largest manufacturer of custom-made rock breaker boom systems globally.

Tecman has manufactured more than 100 custom-designed breaker boom systems and more than 150 hydraulic hammers a year for boom fitment and sale.

Tecman has full in-house control over all the critical manufacturing processes of its products, including all facets of design (mechanical, electronic and hydraulic), fabrication of boom and column sections, hammer and cylinder parts for machining and assembly, hydraulic and electronic system assembly, and final assembly and testing

Tecman manufactured products are backed with a complete technical file outlining material procurement and standards processes, manufacturing processes, testing and compliance with noise, and electronic emissions and efficiency requirements.

Tecman Products

Tecman Hydraulic Hammers

The Tecman Hydraulics Hammer Range is the only range of hammers that has been purposely designed and manufactured for mine duty operation from compact to the super heavy duty models.

TMB range features a unique oil cushion technology to protect from blank firing.

High powered mine duty compact hammers that increase the performance of mini excavators and backhoe loaders.

A versatile range that is capable of covering all different types of operation from contracting, to demolition, to mining primary and secondary breaking.

20 years of experience working in heavy duty mining operations from the Arctic to the equator.

Hydraulic hammers designed specifically for mine and quarry applications.

Tecman Quarry & Cement Boom Systems

Tecman Gyratory Crusher Boom Systems

Tecman Grizzley Boom Systems

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