Our Top Hydraulic Rage We Provide.

What Makes a Hydraulic Hammer great for mining & what is it.

Hydraulic hammers use top engineering hydraulics to work, this is why it goes by hydraulic hammers, and is definitely what sets them apart. When looking at Pascal’s law, which is the mechanical principle in mechanics, this is the basic function of the hydraulic hammer. By putting pressure on one part of a fluid, it transfers the pressure to all areas of the fluid, which multiplies the force.

Hydraulic Hammers | Breakers uses hydraulic oil, which cannot be compressed, with pressure stored in a small canister. This hydraulic system supplies the force for hitting. Regular, hand-held hammers don’t even compare to the strike of a hydraulic Hammer | Breakers.

Hydraulic Hammer Classes.

Hydraulic Hammers | Breakers come in different sizes/classes to fit a variety of jobs. Each one has a recommended usage amount to help users know which class is best for each job. While each hammer will have a different measurement depending on the brand, here are some basic stats on each class that you can see their potential impact on a job:

These measurements show the number of times the hammer can hit the target in a minute, along with how much pressure is used. It is important that the right class hammer is used for each job. Using a hammer with too much pressure for a job that requires less can do too much damage.

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